Vegetable Cat Litter

Vegetable Cat Litter



  • 100% Natural

  • Suitable for toilet disposal

  • Environment friendly

  • Efficient odour absorpsion



New, 100% natural organic cat litter, with many unique properties. Litter is based on natural cereals, containing enzymes, which perfectly neutralize unpleasant odor of the cat’s urine. It does not contain silica dust, sodium bentonite, clay and other harmful inorganic chemicals, which is a very good news for you and your pet.
The most important features that distinguish this litter from others:
••Cat litter contains starch, which allows the litter to form a solid clump as the litter absorbs urine. Because of that only the litter that has absorbed the urine should be discarded;
•• Cat litter is completely safe for your pet – it does not cause any health problems if it enters the body;
•• Cat litter is almost not sticking to the paws, making it easier to maintain cleanliness near the box;
••Pellets of the cat litter are not dangerous for cats and kittens, even when eaten, also suitable for sensitive paws;
•• Clumps are completely water soluble, so they may simply be flushed down the toilet, it will not cause pipe blockages. However using the household toilet is not recommended for the disposal of an entire tray of cat litter. In this case, please refer to your local waste disposal regulations;
•• Cat litter is very economical – for one cat per month it is enough 4-6 liters;
•• The granular texture of the cat litter ensures that no dust is generated when pouring litter to the litter box;
•• Waste litter can simply be put in the compost and later used to fertilize plants.

NOTE: It may be that your cat will not immediately wish to use this new cat litter. It’s not a problem – just for some time, mix the new litter with the old one, gradually decreasing the amount of old litter, until finally it is completely replaced by the new one.





How to use:
Evenly cover the floor of a clean, dry cat litter tray with 6 – 7 cm of cat litter. Using a scooper, remove all the clumped urine and the feces from your cat’s box at least once a day. Add fresh litter as needed. Clumps and solid waste can be either disposed of in the trash, or safely flushed. To flush, break clumps into smaller pieces and let them soak for 20 minutes before flushing. Never overload the toilet.

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